Best Spearmint Tobacco eJuice

Naturals Spearmint Tobacco e-LiquidHello my friends again!

Today I have a great eJuice from Naturals e-Liquid an eJuice supplier that offers 100% VG.

Organic Spearmint Tobacco eJuice is a delicious eJuice that delivers the flavor of Tobacco blended with refreshing spearmint.
Spearmint is a herb and a type of  mint that has that fresh and clean flavor. Spearmint is usually used as a flavoring for toothpaste and confectionery, and is sometimes added to shampoos and soaps.

Spearmint Tobacco is a wonderful combination because you vape the rich tobacco flavor and you than feel the very fresh aftertaste at the same time, its something similar to smoking a menthol cigarette, but better.

I love this flavor, and the only thing I must add, is that for this being a 100% VG, its actually very good and easy to vape. This brand is very good and I can totally recommend this flavor overall their products.

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Best Strawberry Tobacco eJuice

Smooth Strawberry TobaccoEvery fruit and tobacco lover will definitely love this ejuice that we have for this week. Smooth Strawberry Tobacco eJuice from the vendor Juicy eJuice is an amazing e-liquid that delivers the delicious flavor of the strawberry blended with great rich tobacco.

I find this incredible eJuice to be the best strawberry tobacco e-Liquid because of its flavor and vapor. The flavor is very well balanced and it is not too overwhelming.

Vaping this e-Liquid with a nicotine strength of 18 I find it to be very smooth and it does feel a little throat hit after 2 or 3 puffs.  I love tobacco flavor and combined with fruit, is way more better!

The sweet flavor of the strawberry and the rich tobacco flavor makes this delicious the best strawberry tobacco eJuice I’ve ever tried!

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Best Smooth American Tobacco VG eJuice

Smooth American Tobacco eJuiceMy father, as a tobacco lover, bought the other day American Tobacco VG eJuice from the vendor Kahuna e-Liquid. He gave it to me to try and I definitely like it. He was very pleased with the flavor because it tastes like a real cigar.

Although tobacco flavored eJuice are not my favorite e-Liquids I need to add this one to my list of the best eJuice blog because my father is very happy with it and even ordered 3 more bottles.

In my case, I like tobacco flavors mixed with fruit eJuice because it gives it a different texture and a totally change of flavor, as well, if I mixed it with a sweet eJuice but in a different nicotine strength  it changes the throat hit and the aftertaste.

Feel free to vape this great eJuice and let me know if you like it as well as my father did.




Best Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice

Best Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice

Hello my friends!!!

I just tried another of the flavors from Natural’s e-Liquid, in this occasion the Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice.

I can assure you this is the Best Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice I’ve ever tried! This incredible black cherry tobacco eJuice delivers the amazing flavor of the rich tobacco with a hint of delicious black cherry.

Incredible vapor, very thick with great throat hit; I am vaping 18 nicotine strength and I love the aftertaste.
This is an excellent eJuice that is perfect for evening vapes.

Naturals e-Liquid offers 100% VG ,and In my opinion, VG offers the best vapes of all.

If you haven’t try vaping VG you should definitely give this e-Liquid supplier a chance.

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Best Cuban Cigar Tobacco eJuice

One of the Best Tobacco eJuice flavors is, in my opinion, Cuban Cigar Tobacco e Liquid from Kahuna eJuice;

Best Cuban Cigar Tobacco eJuiceI’ve been using this for more than a year and remains the same flavor and quality; It’s possess an amazing taste, due to its similarity to a real Habano.  My father always have in his office a box of  Habanos that he bought in his last trip to Cuba; He agrees with me that the smoothness and the terrific glorious flavor of the tobacco made this eJuice an awesome e Liquid to try!

If you are not a cigar fan but willing to try something different I entirely recommend you to try the Cuban Cigar Tobacco from this vendor.

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Best Honey Tobacco eJuice

Best Honey Tobacco eJuiceThe best honey tobacco eJuice according with my boyfriend, who is a tobacco lover, is Smooth Honey Tobacco e-Liquid from Juice! eJuice; he thinks that this brand offers the greatest tobacco eJuice flavor blended with the delicious honey.

It’s a great combination because is  not strong and the perfect amount of sweetness makes you to keep on puffing on it for hours.

The incredible eJuice flavor of the tobacco goes well for the afternoon and I must say that he really enjoys this e-Liquid with beer.

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Best Menthol Tobacco eJuice


Best Menthol TobaccoI want to share my favorite Menthol tobacco eJuice flavor with you; its from the company Juicy! eJuice “Smooth Menthol Tobacco”.

This eJuice is perfect for the people that likes menthol cigarettes, because it has the same flavor, very smooth and fresh.

I love the fact that is not sweet or overpowering and has the cool fresh hint of menthol. I think is the perfect eJuice for the night before dinner maybe with a glass of wine. No doubt this is the best Menthol tobacco eJuice!

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