Hello bloggers around the world!!!

My name is “eJuice girl”  a very outgoing person that lives in a very green and tranquil area and love snowboarding, I am writing about Best eJuice because I’ve been using electronic cigarettes since 3 years 5 months; I use to smoke regular cigs until I realized there was a new and healthier alternative: eCigs. and I’ve tried several of the Best eJuice available in the market but haven’t find any good blog about Best eJuice Reviews yet, so i want to write about it.

Well I don’t want to distract you with all my story but to make it short, I’ve been trying to find the best e liquids since and came across that barely people actually sells good quality products and few people write reviews of Best eJuice, so i made up my mind and decided myself to write about it.

If any of you has a review please feel free to add comment on this!!!!!

OK; so let’s get started with the best ejuice reviews., remember that this is my most sincere opinion and I have NO partiality with any company!!!!!! so have pointing this out; lets begin!

eJuice girl 🙂


2 thoughts on “About

  1. hello ejuice girl
    well i’m a new vaper i switched from regular to ecigs since like 2 years ago, the same as you i tryed many different places ejuices, buet now im buying eliquids in http://www.tomicuba.com they sell real cigarrette flavor juices, the best i’ve tryed till now, i smoke menthol newport or marlboro, and any of those two flavors from them taste like the real cigarrette, try em if you like real cigarrette flavors http://www.tomicuba.com

  2. I have tried a lot of juices over the years. I started vaping back in 2009 when vaping was in its infancy. I’ve searched and searched for an all day vape and was never really satisfied with anything I found. Most juices I tried had a chemical aftertaste. In June of 2014 I finally found my favorite juice and I have been vaping it ever since – Sweet Home Alabama from Hippie Holler Vapors. It’s a tobacco pecan flavor that is out of this world. You can check out their website here: http://hippieholler.com/

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