Best Organic Lemon eJuice

Naturals e-Liquid LemonToday in my best eJuice, I will talk about Organic Lemon e-Liquid from Naturals e-Liquid, a 100%VG eJuice that delivers the citric and sour flavor of fresh lemons.

I tried this e-liquid couple days ago, and I really enjoy the flavor. Although vaping VG is not my thing, I thought that this e-liquid is very delectable and not too strong.  I personally found it like it was lacking of flavor and it feels like vaping just pure VG. I gave it to my brother to try and he likes it, although he is not a fan of fruit e-liquid.

I guess at the end its just a personal opinion.
Have it a try and let me know what you think about this fruit eJuice.

See you next time in the Best eJuice blog!


Best Lime eJuice

Hello vapers!!

Best Lime eJuiceWell, for the best lime eJuice I have Kahuna eJuice Lime Time VG eJuice; This unique e-Liquid delivers the refreshing and sour flavor of the lime producing great vapor.

Limes are a good source of vitamin C, and are often used to accent the flavors of foods and beverages or liquors. They are grown year-round and are usually smaller and less sour than lemons.

Kahuna eJuice offers a mix of 70% VG and 30% PG that delivers the smoothest and most flavorful e-Liquids.

I also like to mix this flavor with tobacco or with another fruit eJuice to create a different, fun and fresh flavor.

Thank you for reading and happy vaping!



Best Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice

Best Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice

Hello my friends!!!

I just tried another of the flavors from Natural’s e-Liquid, in this occasion the Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice.

I can assure you this is the Best Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice I’ve ever tried! This incredible black cherry tobacco eJuice delivers the amazing flavor of the rich tobacco with a hint of delicious black cherry.

Incredible vapor, very thick with great throat hit; I am vaping 18 nicotine strength and I love the aftertaste.
This is an excellent eJuice that is perfect for evening vapes.

Naturals e-Liquid offers 100% VG ,and In my opinion, VG offers the best vapes of all.

If you haven’t try vaping VG you should definitely give this e-Liquid supplier a chance.

Thank you for reading! “see” you soon 😉