Best Amaretto eJuice

Best  Amaretto eJuiceThe best Amaretto eJuice i found is the Kahuna Almond Amaretto VG eJuice , the taste of the Amaretto is very good, full of flavor and its a perfect combination of almonds with a sweet amaretto…

I love amaretto and enjoy this fantastic e-Liquid a lot! it doesn’t get me drunk and yet enjoy the great flavor.

I recommend this eJuice to all my friends, because its satisfied the craving for liquor and it has a wonderful sweet eJuice flavor ideal for any night out 😉

you should try this eJuice from Kahuna eJuice; im sure you will love it as much as me.

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Best Champagne eJuice

Best Champagne eJuiceIn my opinion the best champagne eJuice is Champagne Celebration VG eJuice from Kahuna eJuice; this is a great blend of sweet strawberries and bubbly champagne that will make you feel the joy of a celebration.

This outstanding eJuice actually reminds me of my favorite Champagne which is Perrier Jouet, the flavor is amazing, it’s not too strong and has  a lighter body; Also the flavor of this e-Liquid its a little similar of theirs Belle Époque Rose.

The incredible eJuice makes me feel like there are bubbles in my mouth; and feels great to know that there’s no alcohol side effect the next day!

If you haven’t try it yet, I urge you give it a try. Also check out my post and don’t forget to have a look to my page 😉