Best Cinnamon Red Hots eJuice

Cinnamon Red Hots  eJuiceWell, some time ago I review a red hots flavor from another vendor that I really like, but in this occasion I want to review the same flavor but in a VG mix.

Cinnamon Red Hots VG eJuice from the vendor Kahuna eJuice, is a great ejuice that is made in a 70% VG – 30% PG blend.
Making this delicious e-liquid delivers huge vapor with the great Red Hots candy flavor.

I personally found it a little too hard to vape because I needed to do a little effort to inhale but my brother, that loves this flavor, found it very good and he loves the vapor.

Vaping VG for me is quite hard but if you love this flavor I know for sure that you will definitely like this ejuice.

I will try vaping other VG flavors and will let you know how it goes soon.
Thanks for reading once again 😉




Best Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice

Best Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice

Hello my friends!!!

I just tried another of the flavors from Natural’s e-Liquid, in this occasion the Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice.

I can assure you this is the Best Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice I’ve ever tried! This incredible black cherry tobacco eJuice delivers the amazing flavor of the rich tobacco with a hint of delicious black cherry.

Incredible vapor, very thick with great throat hit; I am vaping 18 nicotine strength and I love the aftertaste.
This is an excellent eJuice that is perfect for evening vapes.

Naturals e-Liquid offers 100% VG ,and In my opinion, VG offers the best vapes of all.

If you haven’t try vaping VG you should definitely give this e-Liquid supplier a chance.

Thank you for reading! “see” you soon 😉

Best Strawberry EJuice

Best Strawberry eJuiceThe Best Strawberry eJuice is very difficult to find due to the big variety of brands offering this, after a good research, evaluating the quality, flavor and service offered, my conclusion is that Kahuna eJuice offers the best option named: Strawberry Delight VG eJuice; This eJuice is delivers a real strawberry flavor, so fresh, smooth and the aroma is exquisite.

You will not be disappointed with this eJuice, I assure you that you will love it as much as me! I just bought more of this e-Liquid, this is a must have.

I believe I wrote in a past post that I have strawberries in my backyard and they taste exactly like this amazing eJuice!

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