Best Coconut eLiquid Review

Island CoconutNothing like feeling fresh and warm under a coconut tree, with the breeze of the ocean caressing my face… This is how I felt when I vape the delicious flavor of Exotics Island Coconut eLiquid.

At the beginning I was surprised that I found this flavor, because i already tried the one from Organics and also looked other vendors but no like this one; I told my brother about it and he told me that his girlfriend loves this flavor from Exotics, so he asked her and she sent me one with him.

She was totally right about it, this flavor is extraordinary, it really tastes like the real coconut water I tried in my trip to the Dominican Republic.

The vendor is Exotics eliquid and they have many different flavors that are tropical and very unique. I’ll be trying out a few of their flavors as I bought tons of their line last week…

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Best Organic Lemon eJuice

Naturals e-Liquid LemonToday in my best eJuice, I will talk about Organic Lemon e-Liquid from Naturals e-Liquid, a 100%VG eJuice that delivers the citric and sour flavor of fresh lemons.

I tried this e-liquid couple days ago, and I really enjoy the flavor. Although vaping VG is not my thing, I thought that this e-liquid is very delectable and not too strong.  I personally found it like it was lacking of flavor and it feels like vaping just pure VG. I gave it to my brother to try and he likes it, although he is not a fan of fruit e-liquid.

I guess at the end its just a personal opinion.
Have it a try and let me know what you think about this fruit eJuice.

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Best Organic Black Cherry eJuice

Best Black Cherry eJuiceAsking to my best friend about which one she thinks is the best Organic Black Cherry e-Liquid,  she said that she just tried Organic Black Cherry e-Liquid from the vendor Naturals e-Liquid and she loves it.
She loves black cherries and that is why she decided to try this amazing eJuice from Naturals e-Liquid; she fell in love with this flavor and I am now as well. This eJuice is very light but flavorful,  with great vapor and wonderful smell.

In her experience vaping 100% VG is a totally whole other level, and I must agree with her, it provides a larger vapor and its thicker, the flavor is more accurate and it supposed to be healthier; although, Its a little hard to vape because the liquid can be quite thick and need to be inhaled more strongly.

Try this yummy e-Liquid it for yourself and let me know what you think!

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Best Lime eJuice

Hello vapers!!

Best Lime eJuiceWell, for the best lime eJuice I have Kahuna eJuice Lime Time VG eJuice; This unique e-Liquid delivers the refreshing and sour flavor of the lime producing great vapor.

Limes are a good source of vitamin C, and are often used to accent the flavors of foods and beverages or liquors. They are grown year-round and are usually smaller and less sour than lemons.

Kahuna eJuice offers a mix of 70% VG and 30% PG that delivers the smoothest and most flavorful e-Liquids.

I also like to mix this flavor with tobacco or with another fruit eJuice to create a different, fun and fresh flavor.

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Best Lemon-Lime eJuice

Juicy Lemon Lime Love eJuiceIn my opinion the best Lemon Lime eJuice has to be the amazing Lemon Lime Love from Juicy! eJuice one of the best e-Liquid suppliers.
The delicious flavor of the lime blended with the sourness of the lemon turns this mix into a spectacular e-Liquid that delivers a great, delicious and fresh flavor with great throat hit. This excellent blend is ideal for everyday vaping.

If you love the flavor of natural lemons and the sourness and citric taste of the lime, this eJuice will be the best option for you. Not to mention the incredible smell and thick vapor that it generates.

I totally recommend this magnificent e-Liquid! and I am sure you will love this fruity flavor.
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Best Organic Coconut Flavor eJuice

Coconut Cream Organic eLiquid

The best Organic Flavor is by far  Organic Coconut Cream e-liquid from Organics eLiquid.  This company is brand new and they just offer organic flavor eJuice, with real organic ingredients.  When I first hear about this company I was a fascinated because they have many delicious eJuice flavors and its organic! something that I was looking for long ago. Now, I tried their flavors and I am totally in love with them. Their flavors are very special because you know its a healthier way to vape and it taste so different to the rest of the eLiquids. My favorite is this Coconut Cream e-Liquid because it’s rich,sweet and creamy taste with an unbelievable aroma that takes me to a Caribbean Island.

I usually vape this amazing eJuice in the mornings with my Dominican Coffee, and change to a tobacco flavor in the afternoon. I truly recommend you to give it a try to this Organics eLiquid because you will be enchanted with the incredible smell and the amazing flavor.

Best Peach eJuice

Best Peach eJuiceThe Best Peach eJuice that I have found so far, is Perfect Peach from Kahuna eJuice, maybe because their 70% VG 30%PG mix or because their excellent quality, but this e liquid is by far, the greater of all eJuice, awesome vapor and luscious flavor.

I tried this flavor early this week in my boyfriends e Cig and I loved it! I didn’t know that he has ordered this flavor last week but I’m glad he did, its sooooo good! now we are sharing this flavor all the time.

The flavor is like real peach, very pleasant to puff, nice throat hit, great vapor and nice peach smell. It’s so hard to stop vaping this!

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Best Strawberry EJuice

Best Strawberry eJuiceThe Best Strawberry eJuice is very difficult to find due to the big variety of brands offering this, after a good research, evaluating the quality, flavor and service offered, my conclusion is that Kahuna eJuice offers the best option named: Strawberry Delight VG eJuice; This eJuice is delivers a real strawberry flavor, so fresh, smooth and the aroma is exquisite.

You will not be disappointed with this eJuice, I assure you that you will love it as much as me! I just bought more of this e-Liquid, this is a must have.

I believe I wrote in a past post that I have strawberries in my backyard and they taste exactly like this amazing eJuice!

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Best Raspberry eJuice

Best Raspberry eJuiceThe best Raspberry eJuice is Ragin Raspberry e liquid from Juicy eJuice ; another one of my favorites berries!
I just love the berries flavor and this great eJuice posses the super unbelievable flavor of the raspberry, so fresh, fruity, little sour and also sweet. Perfect balance. Also the vapor it generates is awesome.

I think this is an incredible e-Liquid and worth trying!

This flavor goes great for my afternoon snack, and when I go out to find out the latest best sellers at Barnes & Noble, every one of my friends loves the fantastic smell.

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Best Green Apple eJuice

Best Green Apple eJuiceThe best green apple eJuice that I have found so far is Green Apple from the vendor Juicy! eJuice;
A delicious e-Liquid that tastes so wonderful, exactly like granny smith apple, fresh, crisp and sweet and sour rich flavor, so yummy.
I always buy green apples, my favorites, sometimes my mother bake for us green apple pies, so delicious.

This amazing eJuice is perfect to vape every day, you will not get tired of its flavor due to it’s not strong or overpowering.

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