Best Canadian Menthol eJuice

Kahuna Cool Canadian Menthol ejuiceAmazing!!!!! one word to describe the best Canadian Menthol eJuice ever!, Cool Canadian Menthol eJuice from one of my favorite suppliers, Kahuna VG eJuice. This super e-Liquid has an unbelievable freshness and cool flavor, minty, fresh and soooo delicious. I just cant stop vaping this flavor all the time, sometimes i mix it with tobacco for a incredible new flavor.

Kahuna eJuice offers 70% VG and 30% PG e-Liquids and for me, that combination is just perfect. I love the smoke, the smell and the taste.

Also, I love to vape it in my car because the smell is very pleasant and don’t need to use the air freshener anymore. lol.

Try the best canadian Menthol eJuice now!!!!

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Best Cinnamon Danish eJuice

Best Cinnamon Danish eJuiceFor me, the Best Cinnamon Danish eJuice is Cinnamon Danish from the vendor Amsterdam eLiquid.

I love to enjoy my hot cocoa in the morning vaping this delicious eJuice. I remember going to the bakery shop in the corner and and ordering this delicious treat.

I love Amsterdam Cinnamon Danish, its definitely one of my favorite eJuice!. The cinnamon taste is not too overpowering and the sweetness is just perfect. It also creates a huge smoke with an incredible smell.

If you haven’t try yet, i highly recommend you to try this great cinnamon e-Liquid!

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