Best Organic Black Cherry eJuice

Best Black Cherry eJuiceAsking to my best friend about which one she thinks is the best Organic Black Cherry e-Liquid,  she said that she just tried Organic Black Cherry e-Liquid from the vendor Naturals e-Liquid and she loves it.
She loves black cherries and that is why she decided to try this amazing eJuice from Naturals e-Liquid; she fell in love with this flavor and I am now as well. This eJuice is very light but flavorful,  with great vapor and wonderful smell.

In her experience vaping 100% VG is a totally whole other level, and I must agree with her, it provides a larger vapor and its thicker, the flavor is more accurate and it supposed to be healthier; although, Its a little hard to vape because the liquid can be quite thick and need to be inhaled more strongly.

Try this yummy e-Liquid it for yourself and let me know what you think!

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Best Root Beer Float eJuice

Best Root Beer Float eJuiceI love those amusement parks where I can buy Root Beer Float because it reminds me of my childhood preparing this delicious and refreshing drink with my family.
I am very glad nowadays I don’t need to go anywhere or start mixing myself to obtain this great beverage, Now I just enjoy vaping this amazing drink in my electronic cigarette.

I just got Root Beer float from Amsterdam e-Liquid, great flavor with huge vapor, I can really taste the vanilla Ice cream on this eJuice; This is totally a real root beer float made e-Liquid.

Root beer float from Amsterdam e-Liquid, one of my favorite vendors, is one of my favorite eJuice as far and I will totally recommend it to every vapor enthusiast that love sweet things as myself 😉

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