Best Organic Black Cherry eJuice

Best Black Cherry eJuiceAsking to my best friend about which one she thinks is the best Organic Black Cherry e-Liquid,  she said that she just tried Organic Black Cherry e-Liquid from the vendor Naturals e-Liquid and she loves it.
She loves black cherries and that is why she decided to try this amazing eJuice from Naturals e-Liquid; she fell in love with this flavor and I am now as well. This eJuice is very light but flavorful,  with great vapor and wonderful smell.

In her experience vaping 100% VG is a totally whole other level, and I must agree with her, it provides a larger vapor and its thicker, the flavor is more accurate and it supposed to be healthier; although, Its a little hard to vape because the liquid can be quite thick and need to be inhaled more strongly.

Try this yummy e-Liquid it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading 🙂


Best Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice

Best Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice

Hello my friends!!!

I just tried another of the flavors from Natural’s e-Liquid, in this occasion the Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice.

I can assure you this is the Best Organic Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice I’ve ever tried! This incredible black cherry tobacco eJuice delivers the amazing flavor of the rich tobacco with a hint of delicious black cherry.

Incredible vapor, very thick with great throat hit; I am vaping 18 nicotine strength and I love the aftertaste.
This is an excellent eJuice that is perfect for evening vapes.

Naturals e-Liquid offers 100% VG ,and In my opinion, VG offers the best vapes of all.

If you haven’t try vaping VG you should definitely give this e-Liquid supplier a chance.

Thank you for reading! “see” you soon 😉

Best Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice

Once again, for the best black cherry tobacco eJuice, I asked my favorite tobacco fan,Best Black Cherry Tobacco eJuice my boyfriend, he told me that of the different brands that he has tried so far, the best one is Amsterdam Smooth Black Cherry Tobacco e-Liquid from the vendor Amsterdam e-Liquid.

The beautiful smell and the extraordinary eJuice taste of the black cherries, is quite incomparable, the texture of the tobacco is so smooth and the mix is just oh so great!

This is one of his new favorite eJuice flavors that he loves for the afternoons with a couple beers. 😉

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