Best Cappuccino eJuice

Best Cappuccino eJuiceAs a coffee lover i believe this is the best cappuccino eJuice base in the real taste, richness, smell and flavor.

From the vendor Juicy! eJuice I enjoy Creamy Dreamy Cappuccino. This incredible e-liquid has a full and rich flavor of the cappuccino and it actually goes well with my homemade oatmeal cookies in the afternoon. This one is great for the mornings as well.

My love for coffee flavours started when i met my Italian friend a few years back. Italians love their coffee and my friend was no exception. We had tried all types of coffees, espressos and even cappuccino.

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Best Cuban Cigar Tobacco eJuice

One of the Best Tobacco eJuice flavors is, in my opinion, Cuban Cigar Tobacco e Liquid from Kahuna eJuice;

Best Cuban Cigar Tobacco eJuiceI’ve been using this for more than a year and remains the same flavor and quality; It’s possess an amazing taste, due to its similarity to a real Habano.  My father always have in his office a box of  Habanos that he bought in his last trip to Cuba; He agrees with me that the smoothness and the terrific glorious flavor of the tobacco made this eJuice an awesome e Liquid to try!

If you are not a cigar fan but willing to try something different I entirely recommend you to try the Cuban Cigar Tobacco from this vendor.

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