Best Peanut Butter Cookie eJuice

Best Peanut Butter Cookies eJuiceI want to share what I believe to be the best peanut butter cookie eJuice with you; its Juicy! eJuice Peanut Butter Cookies e-Liquid

This extraordinary eJuice taste like real peanut butter cookie; so smooth and nutty flavor.

Peanut butter cookies are one of my favorite cookies; they remind me of school. They were always available in the cafeteria. With all the stress on nut allergies in schools these days, I doubt they are being served as often as when I was a kid.

This eJuice bring me back all that memories; its excellent flavor and huge vapor makes this e-Liquid one of my favorites.

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Best Caramel Macchiato eJuice

Best Caramel Macchiato eJuicehmmmmmmm just imagining this delicious eJuice makes me salivate…. I know that the best Caramel Macchiato eJuice is Caramel Macchiato e-liquid from Juicy eJuice an amazing e-Liquid that blends the smooth roast cappuccino flavor with a hint of vanilla and rich butterscotch.
One of my favorite Starbucks beverages and they turned it into eJuice!

The flavor is magnificent, love the caramel, not too sweet, the coffee flavor not too strong, the vanilla is awesome aftertaste, it’s just so well balance.

One of my favorite drink eJuice flavors for sure!

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Best Raspberry eJuice

Best Raspberry eJuiceThe best Raspberry eJuice is Ragin Raspberry e liquid from Juicy eJuice ; another one of my favorites berries!
I just love the berries flavor and this great eJuice posses the super unbelievable flavor of the raspberry, so fresh, fruity, little sour and also sweet. Perfect balance. Also the vapor it generates is awesome.

I think this is an incredible e-Liquid and worth trying!

This flavor goes great for my afternoon snack, and when I go out to find out the latest best sellers at Barnes & Noble, every one of my friends loves the fantastic smell.

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Best Cinnamon eJuice

Best Cinnamon eJuiceI love Amsterdam Hot Cinnamon e-Liquid because it has an amazing cinnamon flavor, so identical to red hots, sweet and spicy. That’s why I believe it to be the best cinnamon eJuice and the vendor of this fabulous eJuice is Amsterdam e-Liquid.

My brother and myself love this eJuice, we always share this e-Liquid any time any of us ran out.

If you haven’t try yet, i highly recommend you to try this great cinnamon e-Liquid!

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Best Green Apple eJuice

Best Green Apple eJuiceThe best green apple eJuice that I have found so far is Green Apple from the vendor Juicy! eJuice;
A delicious e-Liquid that tastes so wonderful, exactly like granny smith apple, fresh, crisp and sweet and sour rich flavor, so yummy.
I always buy green apples, my favorites, sometimes my mother bake for us green apple pies, so delicious.

This amazing eJuice is perfect to vape every day, you will not get tired of its flavor due to it’s not strong or overpowering.

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Best Grape eJuice

Best Grape eJuiceThe best grape eJuice in my opinion is One Great Grape from Juicy! eJuice.
This spectacular e-Liquid delivers a great delicious fresh grape flavor, not too sweet and not overpowering. It’s ideal for everyday vaping.
To give you an idea of this excellent eJuice flavor, I could say that it almost tastes like Welch’s grape Juice.

I totally recommend this excellent e-Liquid if you love fruit eJuice flavors and also wants to enjoy of the great vapor it produces.

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Best Banana Nut Bread eJuice

Best Banana Nut Bread eJuiceOne of my favorite dessert is Banana Nut bread, a great homemade treat that my mother always prepare; so when i discover the best Banana Nut Bread eJuice It was totally a hit!.

I use this flavor almost every day or when I switch from tobacco to a sweet flavor.

Banana Nut Bread eJuice from Juicy! eJuice is my favorite so far; this amazing e-Liquid is the real dessert converted into eJuice; the savor is incomparable, very true to the name, delicious banana flavor exactly like a muffin. sooooo yummyyy!!!

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Best Bubble gum eJuice

Best Bubble Gum eJuiceCan’t remember when was the last time I bought bubble gum, after I found the best bubble gum eJuice, I keep buying this delicious e-Liquid for my eCig and vape it all the times.
The name of this fantastic eJuice is Amsterdam Bubble gum e-Liquid from Amsterdam e-Liquid. A great e-Liquid with bubble gum flavor, so yummy.
This eJuice reminds me so much of my childhood, when I used to chew bubble gum for hours and make Dubble bubble gum contest with my friends; we laughed so much!

This excellent e-Liquid is a hit, everyone that I ask love it; I highly recommend it.

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Best Passion Fruit eJuice

Best Passion Fruit eJuiceThe best passion fruit eJuice is Passion Fruit e-Liquid from Amsterdam e-Liquid; My brother’s favorite tropical fruit.
He just enjoy very much, to try different exotic fruits and he loves this one; In case if you don’t know, passion fruit or Maracuya is a round fruit that grows in warm countries.
The taste of the passion fruit is sour and it has a very strong flavor, very good. I love it myself; I have tried as well passion fruit tea which is very good for a cold.

This exotic eJuice posses delivers a smooth passion fruit flavor very distinct and very delicious.

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Best Spearmint eJuice

Best Spearmint eJuiceFor the best spearmint eJuice, I have Spearmint eJuice from Amsterdam e-Liquid;
So freeesh that i think I have an ice cube in my mouth. I love the taste, so minty, cool and bold flavor of the spearmint.

The first time I tried this spice was in a Cuba trip with my father, they always use this for the Mojito drink, so we had a couple of Mojitos and taste the spearmint; so good; almost like mint. Super fresh and cool flavor.

My father also loves this fabulous e-Liquid; So I keep buying it for both of us.

You should try it as well! I know you will love this and others eJuice flavors of this vendor.