Best Exotics Vanilla eJuice

Madagascar Bourbon VanillaToday in my best eJuice post, I want to write about Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla eJuice from Exotics eLiquids.

This brand is made with 63% PG / 37% VG,  a great composition for vaping.

I tried this sweet ejuice few days ago, and I really enjoy the flavor. I thought that this e-liquid is very delectable and not too strong.  I personally found it like it was real vanilla and the aroma is extremely exquisite, also great vapor. must say that I was pretty impressed with this brand, as pretty much all of their eliquid at least the ones that I’ve tried are very good. I would recommend to vape this flavor in a dual core as the flavor increases.

Give it a try and let me know what you think about this sweet eJuice.

See you next time in the Best eJuice blog!