Best Organic Strawberry Chocolate eJuice

Organics Strawberries & Chocolate e-LiquidThe Best Organic Strawberry Chocolate eJuice is Strawberries & Chocolate from Organics eLiquid; This wonderful eJuice tastes like real Strawberry dipped into delicious melted Chocolate. This e-liquid is just as amazing as it sounds!

The aroma of this e-Liquid is just great, the combination of the Strawberry and the rich chocolate delivers such a delicious vapor that is hard for everyone around me resist the temptation of asking me about the flavor. Strawberries are one of my favorite fruit because they basically can be mix with anything, I love to dipped them in chocolate and have a romantic moment just enjoying the incredible flavor of this outstanding and heavenly combination.

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Best Strawberry EJuice

Best Strawberry eJuiceThe Best Strawberry eJuice is very difficult to find due to the big variety of brands offering this, after a good research, evaluating the quality, flavor and service offered, my conclusion is that Kahuna eJuice offers the best option named: Strawberry Delight VG eJuice; This eJuice is delivers a real strawberry flavor, so fresh, smooth and the aroma is exquisite.

You will not be disappointed with this eJuice, I assure you that you will love it as much as me! I just bought more of this e-Liquid, this is a must have.

I believe I wrote in a past post that I have strawberries in my backyard and they taste exactly like this amazing eJuice!

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Best Cheesecake eJuice

Best Cheesecake eJuiceBest Cheesecake… My favorite dessert in a eJuice!!

So good and delicious treat that I salivates just of hearing it.

I found different cheesecake eJuice around the internet, different vendor with different types of cheesecake flavors.

I tried several, looking for the “one” so I discovered that the best cheesecake eJuice is Juicy! eJuice

they have different flavors: strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and raspberry cheesecake eJuice; like in Cheesecake Factory my favorite of all is the strawberry cheesecake; the flavor is absolutely amazing, real cheesecake, so creamy, sweet and great throat hit combined with fresh, yummy and sweet strawberry that seems to be picked from my backyard! I even eat my strawberries vaping this flavor just to compare, and it’s so good.

I am so happy that they have this eJuice and it has no calories 😉