Best French Vanilla Cappuccino VG eJuice

French Vanilla CappuccinoI wanted to try a VG eJuice of this flavor so I tried Kahuna eJuice French Vanilla Cappuccino and it was really good.

VG as you know is actually not one of my favorite things but now that I just got into the “dripping” category, I decided to give it a try. All of my friends are using these new Mods and dripping so they got me into this new trend – which I ended up loving-

They recommend the 100% VG lines for this but I still want to try this 70%VG 30% PG blend.

This French Cappuccino eliquid  is very delicious and delivers huge vapor; which is my favorite thing. It imitates the French vanilla cappuccino from Starbucks.

Great coffee flavor, think vapor with delicious aroma; perfect to vape in the afternoons and for dripping.

You should definitely check out this flavor and many others of this brand.

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Best Coconut eLiquid Review

Island CoconutNothing like feeling fresh and warm under a coconut tree, with the breeze of the ocean caressing my face… This is how I felt when I vape the delicious flavor of Exotics Island Coconut eLiquid.

At the beginning I was surprised that I found this flavor, because i already tried the one from Organics and also looked other vendors but no like this one; I told my brother about it and he told me that his girlfriend loves this flavor from Exotics, so he asked her and she sent me one with him.

She was totally right about it, this flavor is extraordinary, it really tastes like the real coconut water I tried in my trip to the Dominican Republic.

The vendor is Exotics eliquid and they have many different flavors that are tropical and very unique. I’ll be trying out a few of their flavors as I bought tons of their line last week…

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Best Chocolate Hazelnut eJuice

Amsterdam Chocolate Hazelnut e-Liquid

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I just got the amazing Chocolate Hazelnut eJuice from Amsterdam e-Liquid, one of my favorite e-Liquid suppliers, and I am thrilled with the outcome.

This delicious eJuice is just phenomenal! amazing flavor and great vapor.

I love this great combination because the lovely taste of the hazelnut along with the chocolate smell and delicious flavor melted into my taste buds, produces an incredible sensation of sweetness with a bit of throat hit.

Chocolate is use in many ways and mixed with many other ingredients such as strawberry, Mint, Vanilla just to name a few. Hazelnut is a nut that offers great health benefits  due to their high protein and vitamin properties, and  are used in confectionery to make praline, and also used in combination with chocolate in products such as Nutella and Frangelico liqueur.

I find that Amsterdam Chocolate Hazelnut eJuice is a great option for evenings vapes and you will definitely enjoy the smell and flavor.

Best Cappuccino eJuice

Best Cappuccino eJuiceAs a coffee lover i believe this is the best cappuccino eJuice base in the real taste, richness, smell and flavor.

From the vendor Juicy! eJuice I enjoy Creamy Dreamy Cappuccino. This incredible e-liquid has a full and rich flavor of the cappuccino and it actually goes well with my homemade oatmeal cookies in the afternoon. This one is great for the mornings as well.

My love for coffee flavours started when i met my Italian friend a few years back. Italians love their coffee and my friend was no exception. We had tried all types of coffees, espressos and even cappuccino.

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Best Peanut Butter Cookie eJuice

Best Peanut Butter Cookies eJuiceI want to share what I believe to be the best peanut butter cookie eJuice with you; its Juicy! eJuice Peanut Butter Cookies e-Liquid

This extraordinary eJuice taste like real peanut butter cookie; so smooth and nutty flavor.

Peanut butter cookies are one of my favorite cookies; they remind me of school. They were always available in the cafeteria. With all the stress on nut allergies in schools these days, I doubt they are being served as often as when I was a kid.

This eJuice bring me back all that memories; its excellent flavor and huge vapor makes this e-Liquid one of my favorites.

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