Best Coconut eLiquid Review

Island CoconutNothing like feeling fresh and warm under a coconut tree, with the breeze of the ocean caressing my face… This is how I felt when I vape the delicious flavor of Exotics Island Coconut eLiquid.

At the beginning I was surprised that I found this flavor, because i already tried the one from Organics and also looked other vendors but no like this one; I told my brother about it and he told me that his girlfriend loves this flavor from Exotics, so he asked her and she sent me one with him.

She was totally right about it, this flavor is extraordinary, it really tastes like the real coconut water I tried in my trip to the Dominican Republic.

The vendor is Exotics eliquid and they have many different flavors that are tropical and very unique. I’ll be trying out a few of their flavors as I bought tons of their line last week…

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Best Organic Coconut Flavor eJuice

Coconut Cream Organic eLiquid

The best Organic Flavor is by far  Organic Coconut Cream e-liquid from Organics eLiquid.  This company is brand new and they just offer organic flavor eJuice, with real organic ingredients.  When I first hear about this company I was a fascinated because they have many delicious eJuice flavors and its organic! something that I was looking for long ago. Now, I tried their flavors and I am totally in love with them. Their flavors are very special because you know its a healthier way to vape and it taste so different to the rest of the eLiquids. My favorite is this Coconut Cream e-Liquid because it’s rich,sweet and creamy taste with an unbelievable aroma that takes me to a Caribbean Island.

I usually vape this amazing eJuice in the mornings with my Dominican Coffee, and change to a tobacco flavor in the afternoon. I truly recommend you to give it a try to this Organics eLiquid because you will be enchanted with the incredible smell and the amazing flavor.