Best Moroccan Mint Tea eJuice

Moroccan Mint TeaToday in the Best eJuice I’ll reviewing the delicious Moroccan Mint tea e-liquid from Exotics E-Liquid.

This incredible eJuice was recommended by my sweet Irish friend that LOVES tea – almost as much he loves me ūüėČ !!

I have to say I was somewhat surprised with the real natural zest I got from this eJuice, yet without that overwhelming aftertaste you can get from some similar flavours.  Morroccan Mint Tea combines a fine balance between the Green tea and Mint giving a sweet hit to the throat.

While initially this may not be at the top of everybody’s list I would really suggest this be tried to be believed. It gives a¬†perfect taste to compliment that cup of tea of coffee break.
Personally I find it great to vape it first thing in the morning to give me that real kick to start the day.

For all you tea lovers out there or those who just want to try something a little different I would really recommend you give this a go. I have to say it strikes the perfect balance and zing we all need to give us that extra lift.

I hope you like this wonderful flavor as much as my Irish friend does!

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Best Frech Vanilla Cappuccino eJuice

French Vanilla CappuccinoIn this week I just got the amazing and delicious French Vanilla Cappuccino from Amsterdam e-Liquid.

I have tried Amsterdam before as you would remember, but, can’t stop saying that I love their flavors! They are so delicious and delivers huge vapor; which is my favorite thing.

This eJuice is a great replication of the actual vanilla Cappuccino, and tastes like the French vanilla cappuccino from Starbucks.

This flavor is very elegant and awakening, just perfect for the afternoons and it’s vapor has an amazing aroma. This is one of friends favorite and the most “what is that smell” effect.

I totally recommend this flavor and many others of this brand.

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Happy vaping!

Best Blackberry Cheesecake eJuice

Best Blackberry Cheesecake eJuiceYay!!!! as you know, I love cheesecakes and this time the Best Blackberry Cheesecake eJuice  should be Blackberry Cheesecake eJuice from Juicy eJuice. Amazing flavor and extraordinary smell.

This fantastic e-Liquid offers a wonderful aroma with huge vapor; this is so perfect to vape after my afternoon coffee.

I love wild berries and blackberries are so juicy and flavorful, just perfect for any dessert and of course, amazing to vape. I bought 2 bottles of this amazing eliquid just to give to my friends to try out, they all loved it.
I definitely recommend this fabulous eJuice.

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Best Blueberry Cheesecake eJuice

Best Blueberry Cheesecake eJuiceMy favorite dessert turned into e-Liquid!!!…. well, one of them!¬† Blueberry Cheesecake eJuice from the amazing e-Liquid supplier Juice eJuice.

Blueberry Cheesecake e-Liquid from Juicy eJuice delights my taste-buds with the rich and creamy flavor of the cheesecake along with the sweet taste of the blueberries.

Cheesecakes are usually made with cream cheese, eggs and sugar and a delicious crust make out of crushed cookies or graham crackers, also topped with delicious fresh  fruit,chocolate, sirups or other sweet toppings.

This great e-Liquid offers the exact same flavor of the cheesecake and the sweet aftertaste of the blueberries. Great  option to vape in the afternoons or after your meal.

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Best Chocolate Hazelnut eJuice

Amsterdam Chocolate Hazelnut e-Liquid

Hello my friends!!!!

I just got the amazing Chocolate Hazelnut eJuice from Amsterdam e-Liquid, one of my favorite e-Liquid suppliers, and I am thrilled with the outcome.

This delicious eJuice is just phenomenal! amazing flavor and great vapor.

I love this great combination because the lovely taste of the hazelnut along with the chocolate smell and delicious flavor melted into my taste buds, produces an incredible sensation of sweetness with a bit of throat hit.

Chocolate is use in many ways and mixed with many other ingredients such as strawberry, Mint, Vanilla just to name a few. Hazelnut is a nut that offers great health benefits  due to their high protein and vitamin properties, and  are used in confectionery to make praline, and also used in combination with chocolate in products such as Nutella and Frangelico liqueur.

I find that Amsterdam Chocolate Hazelnut eJuice is a great option for evenings vapes and you will definitely enjoy the smell and flavor.

Best Lemon-Lime eJuice

Juicy Lemon Lime Love eJuiceIn my opinion the best Lemon Lime eJuice has to be the amazing Lemon Lime Love from Juicy! eJuice one of the best e-Liquid suppliers.
The delicious flavor of the lime blended with the sourness of the lemon turns this mix into a spectacular e-Liquid that delivers a great, delicious and fresh flavor with great throat hit. This excellent blend is ideal for everyday vaping.

If you love the flavor of natural lemons and the sourness and citric taste of the lime, this eJuice will be the best option for you. Not to mention the incredible smell and thick vapor that it generates.

I totally recommend this magnificent e-Liquid! and I am sure you will love this fruity flavor.
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Best Canadian Menthol eJuice

Kahuna Cool Canadian Menthol ejuiceAmazing!!!!! one word to describe the best Canadian Menthol eJuice ever!, Cool Canadian Menthol eJuice from one of my favorite suppliers, Kahuna VG eJuice. This super e-Liquid has an unbelievable freshness and cool flavor, minty, fresh and soooo delicious. I just cant stop vaping this flavor all the time, sometimes i mix it with tobacco for a incredible new flavor.

Kahuna eJuice offers 70% VG and 30% PG e-Liquids and for me, that combination is just perfect. I love the smoke, the smell and the taste.

Also, I love to vape it in my car because the smell is very pleasant and don’t need to use the air freshener anymore. lol.

Try the best canadian Menthol eJuice now!!!!

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Best Grape eJuice

Best Grape eJuiceThe best grape eJuice in my opinion is One Great Grape from Juicy! eJuice.
This spectacular e-Liquid delivers a great delicious fresh grape flavor, not too sweet and not overpowering. It’s ideal for everyday vaping.
To give you an idea of this excellent eJuice flavor, I could say that it almost tastes like Welch’s grape Juice.

I totally recommend this excellent e-Liquid if you love fruit eJuice flavors and also wants to enjoy of the great vapor it produces.

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Best Spearmint eJuice

Best Spearmint eJuiceFor the best spearmint eJuice, I have Spearmint eJuice from Amsterdam e-Liquid;
So freeesh that i think I have an ice cube in my mouth. I love the taste, so minty, cool and bold flavor of the spearmint.

The first time I tried this spice was in a Cuba trip with my father, they always use this for the Mojito drink, so we had a couple of Mojitos and taste the spearmint; so good; almost like mint. Super fresh and cool flavor.

My father also loves this fabulous e-Liquid; So I keep buying it for both of us.

You should try it as well! I know you will love this and others eJuice flavors of this vendor.



Best Cranberry eJuice

Best Cranberry eJuiceContinuing with my love with berries, the best cranberry eJuice is cranberry e-Liquid from Juicy! eJuice one of my favorite vendors!

The extraordinary e-Liquid tastes phenomenal, the fresh acidic flavor of the cranberries makes you not stop vaping it. I love it because its well-balanced and not overwhelming flavor.
My brother was the first trying this flavor and he loves it, so he recommend it to me because he knows I love berries.
Sometimes I think this e-Liquid should come with a vodka flavor too; so I will have one of my favorite drinks into a eJuice. ūüėČ

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